We are Jacobsen Arquitetura, an architecture and interior design office that was born in Rio de Janeiro. As a premise and as project methodology, we develop projects which propose integration between the built environment and its natural context. We do not start from pre-conceived forms, but creates solutions derived from the dialogue between architecture and nature, considering the active contribution of its customers’ wishes. To this end, it is important to explore the possibilities of using natural materials, spatially interpreting the concepts of transparency, lightness and fluidity to constitute a contemporary aesthetic language. With international operations the offices are located at the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon.

Featured projects

Beach Enclave

Balanced dialogue resulting in the least possible impact through simple and neutral architectural lines and neutral textures and colors.

PULSE Offices

Freijó wood panels on the walls and São Gabriel granite floor with a brushed finish make up the internal finishing palette, representing a proposal to use natural materials to humanize and add warmth to the common and circulation areas.

MS House

The MS house has a mixed structure that incorporates reinforced concrete, metallic pillars and a laminated wood cover.

RN House

The RN residence project was developed around the tree, in order to create a large flat and landscaped area.

NB House

First renovation project, it has external facades made of carbonized wood, Japanese technique that brought contemporaneity to the aesthetic language of the house.

MA House

In this residential project, the different facades create a more organic composition and allow greater integration between external and internal spaces.

Latest publication

Casa Tropical – 2020 Houses by Jacobsen Arquitetura

Casa Tropical – 2020 Houses by Jacobsen Arquitetura

By the refined view of the publisher Thames & Hudson, Casa Tropical presents 25 projects which contemplate since the beginning of its office until the current international reference, with projects that are still under construction in Europe, Middle East and Caribbean.



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