ANM House

Melbourne, Austrália


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jacobsen arquitetura
Paulo Jacobsen, Bernardo Jacobsen, Edgar Murata, Marcelo Vessoni, Francisco Rugeroni, Pedro Ramos , Marina Nunes, Lucas Cunha, Luiz Martinelli, Gustavo Borges, Renata Lopes, Thauan Miquelin, Fabio Friedman, Felipe Kilaris, Rafaella Codato, Raissa simão, Renata Lopes
Jacobsen Arquitetura

Design to a vey welcoming family in a wooded residencial neighborhood in Melbourne, Australia.

Their intention was to fully attend the constructive potencial of the plot while having the biggest garden possible, where the pool and entertainment area are of big importance.

This corner site came with small setbacks gave us the opportunity to use the L shape implantation taking advantage of the visual amplitude of the lot in relation to its neighbors, and best solar orientation. Steel structure, great glass panels on the ground floor and carted wood followed by channel glass on the upper floor at circulation halls suspends and distinguishes the house from its surroundings.

Underground floor was reserved to receive the large garage area, home cinema a wine room.

Social areas and varanda are set in the ground floor, as well as home office, gym and sauna, all integrated and opened to the core lawn.

Bed rooms and family room are set above and private, on the upper floor.


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