Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Total area
13950 m2
Built area
1500 m2 (each villa)


Jacobsen Arquitetura
Architecture team
Paulo Jacobsen, Bernardo Jacobsen, Edgar Murata, Marcelo Vessoni, Francisco Rugeroni, Jinny Yim, Pedro Junqueira, Felipe Bueno, Maya Leal, Raimundo Borges, Lucila Dib, Artur Lacerda, Bruna Lazareti, Eric Cabussú, João Bernardi, Gabriel Tescaro, Giovanna Pirovani, Guilherme Palma, Juliana D’Alkimin, Laura Faria, Laura Santos, Lucas Vieira, Natália Papa, Vitor Delpizzo
Interior design
Jacobsen Arquitetura
Interior design team
Paulo Jacobsen, Bernardo Jacobsen, Edgar Murata, Marcelo Vessoni, Marcela Guerreiro, Nicole Hannah, Carolina Vassalo, Carolina de Lacquila, Fernanda Marchesan, Bárbara Ginjas, Bruna Kanashiro, Camila Alves, Camila Attux, Caroline Rodrigues, Felipe Pauli, Fernanda Simões, Gabriel Borghi, Giovanna Zapparoli, Giulia Zambrini, Luzia Olivier, Maria Herminia Wendt, Paula Máximo, Stephanie Bergh, Thais Salla
Landscape design
Hanazaki Paisagismo
Lighting design
The Flaming Beacon
Secchi Smith and Marcos Mendes (Jacobsen)

At Jumeirah Bay Island, in the heart of the Persian Gulf, Jacobsen Arquitetura, in partnership with Lamar Development, is developing an ultra-prime residential project in Dubai. With quick access to the business district, airport, leisure and shopping areas of the city, but still maintaining the peaceful nature of a resort, we aimed to create an urban oasis.


In a luxury market already saturated with the aesthetics of classic arabesques, our primary goal was to create unique identities for each of the nine villas, using different materials to find their singularities. Copper, granite, marble, basalt and wood, treated to endure the region’s weather conditions, make up the original and diverse mosaic that resulted from a fusion of our Brazilian tropical aesthetics with the influences of Arab culture.


Still in its construction phase, each residence makes the most of its lot. Respecting the architectural heritage of the region, we chose to design higher ceilings in the social area, which is located on the ground floor, along with the gourmet area and the swimming pool. Above, on the first floor, are located the suites and a family room. On the second floor are located the office, library and a terrace. From this point, the view opens up to the sea and the skyline of Downtown Dubai.


Each of the façades on the nine houses has a unique design of brises and muxarabis, with the use of metallic elements. It was through a focus on materials and architecture, combined with attention to the singularities of the region, that we sought a timeless aesthetic for the project.