SM House

Guarujá, SP


Total Area
1.880,00 m²
Built Area
453,00 m²


Jacobsen Arquitetura
Office's Team
Paulo Jacobsen, Bernardo Jacobsen, Edgar Murata, Jaime Cunha Junior, Marcelo Vessoni, Rafael Henrique de Oliveira, Marcela Siniauskas
Jacobsen Arquitetura (Eza Viegas e Tatiana Kamogawa.)
Interior's Team
Mariana Leme, Raiane Calistrato
Light Design
Cenário Paisagismo
Leonardo Finotti

The concept desired for this project was to create an elementary architectural composition combined with advanced techniques in wood housing construction. Located in São Paulo´s northeast shore, this house has been designed to be a beach house in essence: a place of refuge in the middle of Atlantic Rainforest, sheltered from the rain and the sun, beneath porches. It is a veranda house with large eaves and just a few walls, where indoor and outdoor spaces are fully integrated. We designed a transparent element for the upper floor, so it wouldn’t harm the visual relation with the sea and the forest.

In practice, there is a flat roof with glue-laminated wood beams and glass lateral closing where the living areas, kitchen and master suite are located. The veranda is under a 4 meters overhang, and it is the continuity of the living room. The access to the house is in the lower level that acts as a base of stone walls for the house. Two other suites and a home-theater are also located in this level. Materials incorporated in the project: glass, Freijó wood, rough stone and granite sawed.


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