Guilhermina Building

Leblon, RJ


Total Area
1.194,58 m²
Built Area
5.140,13 m²


Jacobsen Arquitetura
Office's Team
Paulo Jacobsen, Bernardo Jacobsen, Edgar Murata, Marcelo Vessoni, Christian Rojas, Fernanda Maeda, Guilherme Pucci, Eduardo Aparício, Gustavo Borges, Thauan Miquelin
Jacobsen Arquitetura
Interior's Team
Tatiana Kamogawa, Mariana Ferretti

A project for a commercial and business center located in a upscale area of the Leblon neighborhood, made up of 12 stores and 46 commercial spaces.

The starting point for this project was intended to make an intervention as subtle as possible, so that the new building did not compete with the existing constructions, consisting of townhouses that are protected landmark buildings.

To make a smooth connection between the old and the contemporary, we used vegetation as a mediator, through a vertical garden, occupying three floors and framing the architecture to be preserved.

For the volume created, with a total of five floors, we used a curved shape to unify the two facades and respect a more traditional urban street corner design.
As the identity of the new construction, we used wood flooring on the upper two stories, a natural element for the continuation of the vertical garden, and glass to give transparency and lightness, thus not competing with the aesthetics of the existing, heavier and opaque, construction.

The circulation between the ground floor shops is through gardens, giving a feeling of being in a wooded village or in a square, different than most existing commercial buildings, transcending the urban landscape and creating a retreat within the city.


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