Porto Feliz, São Paulo

Porto Feliz, São Paulo


Total area
3016 sqm
Built area
1064 sqm


Jacobsen Arquitetura
Architecture Team
Paulo Jacobsen, Bernardo Jacobsen, Edgar Murata, Marcelo Vessoni, Marcela Siniauskas, Pedro Henrique Ramos, Bianca Pastore, Marina Budib, Pedro Felix, Paula Miele, Yuri Chamon
Interior Design
Jacobsen Arquitetura
Interior Design Team
Paulo Jacobsen, Bernardo Jacobsen, Edgar Murata, Marcelo Vessoni, Marcela Guerreiro, Vicky Zamlung, Ana Zuchetto, Amanda Bernacci
Chris Hamoui
Landscape Design
Gil Fialho
Lighting Design
Maneco Quinderé
CASA RVL – JACOBSEN arquitetura-7

Located on the outskirts of São Paulo and overlooking a golf course, the project of this residence sought to create living spaces for a family amid nature. The house was implemented at the highest level on the plot, to create as much privacy as possible by moving social and intimate areas away from the street. In this way, the residence was able to open up to views of the golf course and the forest.

CASA RVL – JACOBSEN arquitetura-60

The main access is at street level, where a porte-cochère, created by the cantilever of one of the volumes, welcomes the visitor.

CASA RVL – JACOBSEN arquitetura-9

When climbing the stairs to the social area, it is possible to feel the light that enters through the skylight, whose intensity is controlled by wooden slats.

CASA RVL – JACOBSEN arquitetura-14
CASA RVL – JACOBSEN arquitetura-22

The entire main program is located on this floor, distributed in two perpendicular volumes. The living room, dining room and gourmet area are located in the central volume, with large glass openings that allow free circulation of wind and create a direct relationship with the garden.

CASA RVL – JACOBSEN arquitetura-30
CASA RVL – JACOBSEN arquitetura-43

A long swimming pool runs along the length of the land, positioned to receive the best sunlight.

CASA RVL – JACOBSEN arquitetura-41

The family and guest suites are located in the second volume, enveloped by metal brise-soleils that protect against the afternoon sun.

CASA RVL – JACOBSEN arquitetura-55
CASA RVL – JACOBSEN arquitetura-33

It is at the intersection of the two volumes that the home theater and the kitchen are located, marking the transition between the intimate and the social areas.

CASA RVL – JACOBSEN arquitetura-24

The lower floor, in which heavier materials contrast with the lightness of the volumes above, houses a sauna, wine cellar, garage, bicycle rack and service area.

CASA RVL – JACOBSEN arquitetura-49

The house was designed with a metal structure, which, at the request of the clients, provided speed in construction. The ceiling of the entire residence is covered with wooden lining, reinforcing the feeling of warmth, while stone flooring cools the temperatures and reflects light, keeping the space always bright.

CASA RVL – JACOBSEN arquitetura-20
CASA RVL – JACOBSEN arquitetura-3