CF House

Angra dos Reis, RJ


Total Area
2.000,00 m²
Built Area
480,00 m²


Cláudio Bernardes & Jacobsen Arquitetura
Cláudio Bernardes & Jacobsen Arquitetura
Light Design
Studio iluz
Isabel Duprat
Leonardo Finotti

The first visit to the site made us sure that anything we built would offer an obstacle for the sight of the sea and for the wind flows in there. With a 600m² architecture program and a 2000m² site, it wouldn’t be a small object. We started introducing the house very close to the sea, on the lowest available level, permitting a privileged position to the observer that arrives, seeing the house from the top.

First of all, we thought of a water pond on the roof, camouflaging the building into the sea and reflecting the sky, making the lightest effect as possible. A concrete slab, covered with bright green ceramic flooring, made possible the transparency effects we looked for in the water. Soon we decided for a structure that permitted 9-meters between columns with 30-centimeters beams.

The site’s natural fluidity asked for a complementary physical one, found when the air is able to cross the house. The bedrooms were suspended up to the arrival level and, with the social rooms downstairs. We had then a large open balcony, allowing the house to breath and the landscape to cross all the space. The circulation between the street and the sea is an enormous garden.

Transparency and fluidity, seeking an equilibrium between the apparent coldness of iron, glass and ceramic and the heat of wood, natural marbles, stone walls and light colors. The chosen materials also intended the house to disappear.


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